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The article below was written June 26, 2007. Since then there have been limits on free speech imposed everywhere. This invention can be as easily applied to Internet package hopping for social networking apps as for radio and is similarly patented by nature of the original posting. [March 27, 2021]

Article as originally posted June 26, 2007 follows:

Paul Revere RadioTM Renders Fairness Doctrine Impotent

Clear Channel watch out! Here comes Paul Revere RadioTM compliments of Pastor Don Milton, a Christian Evangelist and the inventor of the Viral Transceiver. Unlike other forms of radio that rely on the government to keep the air waves open, Paul Revere RadioTM will transmit and receive the latest talk radio shows via Viral Transceivers in wi-fi like two way transmissions; car to car and house to house. Viral Transceivers in the millions will download the latest viral broadcasts via telephone line, cell phone, or by driving through the closest free Viral Transceiver refill station which will be found at nearly every gas station, coffee shop, and mall across America. This download will then be passed on to other transceivers vehicle to vehicle and house to house via Wi-Fi. If the driver of the car next to you has a Viral Transceiver installed then whichever of you has the most up to date version of the day’s broadcast will transmit to the other Viral Transceiver automatically. The entire process will be invisible. There will be virtually no difference between a broadcast via a Viral Transceiver and today’s FCC controlled radio stations except that listeners will be hearing what the host talked about ten minutes ago instead of ten seconds ago. The Viral Transmissions pass along the program content like dominoes with the downloads passed car to car. While a car twenty feet ahead of you is sending you a download of the last ten minutes of programming you would be passing it along to the car twenty feet behind you and so forth. Again, this will all be done automatically and instantaneously. With tens of millions of Viral Transceiver owners it will be impossible for the government to control. The controls on the radio in your car will look no different other than the number of the station your favorite show is broadcast on. Advertising revenues will not be lost, in fact, advertisements will be vital to the smooth operation of Viral Transceivers since the advertisements will be parsed throughout the broadcast based on the amount of broadcast download that the transceiver has already received. The vital community service that conservative talk radio plays in restoring the ideals of America’s Christian Founding Fathers will prevail.


Q: Is this some kind of a joke?

A: This is NOT a joke.
The parts that make up a Viral Transceiver already exist. They simply haven’t been put together for this use and unless the Fairness Doctrine is reimposed on Americans there will be little use for Viral Transceivers within the United States. The effect of Viral Transceivers will be to dampen the efforts of Congress to reimpose the Fairness Doctrine. Is Congress with its many broadcast contributors going to turn away the campaign contributions of broadcasters who know that Viral Radio Networks can take over their industry? The last thing that an industry wants is a lack of control and with Viral Radio Networks there will be absolutely no control over the shows broadcast. Each Viral Transceiver can be programmed to allow or disallow the broadcast of any program. If a listener doesn’t like the content of a show then he can simply choose not to receive or transmit that show. Another effect of Viral Transceivers is that station managers will not decide what’s popular, the listeners will. Each listener will have the option to transmit his listening habits to the originator of the broadcast he’s listening to. You can bet that most listeners to conservative talk radio will want to make it known which shows they support. Imagine, Viral Transceivers can completely eliminate the need for Radio stations. Instead of stations with huge broadcasting ranges there will be huge numbers of Viral Transceiver owners that transmit and receive only what they want to transmit and receive. Viral Transceivers even have the ability to broadcast across borders! The potential that Viral Transceivers have for cross border evangelism is staggering. A Viral Transceiver on one side of the border can transmit to a Viral Transceiver on the other side and the virus will soon do its work spreading conservative Christian values across the world. Instead of smuggling Bibles we can smuggle Viral Transceivers so that broadcasts of the Bible in every language can be heard. The cost of the hardware to produce a Viral Transceiver is extremely low, no higher than $10. In addition, Viral Radio Networks cannot be knocked out by coups, national disasters, or war! Watch out Hugo Chavez, Viral Radio Networks are coming to your shores.

Q: Will it be through a Walkie-Talkie type of thing?

A: No, your car radio (Viral Transceiver) will be sent packets of digital data that are sequenced. These small packets are pieced together inside your Viral Transceiver and come out your speakers with the sound quality of a standard AM/FM car radio. Since you may only be close to another transceiver for a few seconds, the digital packets will be transmitted in one or two second bursts. As long as your vehicle is close enough to another vehicle or load station it will continue to get those bursts of digital data. As soon as you are too far to receive them your Viral Transceiver will seek out another Viral Transceiver from which to receive or transmit its data. Like a virus, thus the word, viral, the data is constantly transmitted or received. Furthermore, when you go into your favorite mall, your Viral Transceiver will be receiving data from their load station and you will not miss any of your radio show since it begins where you turned it off! You can skip forward with a viral transceiver but you will not be able to receive new transmissions if you try to skip the ads.

Q: Why would a Talk Show Host risk going onto the a new venue such a Viral Radio Network? Wouldn’t he first have to quit his current job?

A: For a handful of hosts that might be true but for most, their shows via Viral Transceivers would not be prohibited by their contracts. A Viral Radio Network transmits it’s data to a Viral Transceiver and from there it is transmitted to other transceivers as data. If a host’s contract gives him the right to produce podcasts then he will also have the right to distribute that voice data via Viral Transceivers.

Q: Aren’t Viral Transceivers just podcasting?

A: No. To receive a podcast you must be hooked up to the Internet. Viral Transceivers do not require Internet connectivity. In addition, a podcast is transmitted in its entirety while a Viral Transceiver receives its data in small bytes that are adding onto previously received bytes. With a Viral Transceiver you never have to wait for a byte to download since it automatically marks the place where the last byte ends and the next byte is to begin. Bytes are only added when another Viral Transceiver with more data is within range.

Q: Will I need an Internet connection to use my Viral Transceiver?

A: No. You will only need a basic Viral Transceiver. The origination of the voice data will be from various sources. Your local strip mall or gas station may have a dedicated line for receipt of this data and when you drive through the mall or gas station that data will be transmitted your transceiver and as you exit the mall you will begin transmitting your updated information to other Viral Transceivers that have not driven close enough to a mall or gas station to have updated their own data. All of this happens automatically as you enjoy listening to your favorite radio host via your Viral Transceiver.

Q: Wouldn’t wireless internet radios work better?

A: No. Wireless Internet costs lots of money. Maybe you can afford $30 – $75 per month to have a Wireless Internet connection but the average consumer cannot. The mass production cost of a Viral Transceiver is less than $10 per unit so the retail cost would be free or close to free since the advertisers on the Viral Radio Networks would want to make sure that their station was pre-programmed into the unit. The Viral Transceivers that hit the market will require no technical ability. They will simply plug into the cigarette lighter and the sound will come out of the car radio. In addition they will have an adapter so that they can be plugged into a 110 or 220 outlet in the home and broadcast to every radio in the house. As car manufacturers adapt to the new technology, a third band will be added to car radios called VT, short for Viral Transceivers, and a separate unit will not will be necessary. Consumers out to have the latest gadget will be able to have such radios installed aftermarket as well.

Q: How will I receive a signal if I’m at home? Will I have to connect through the telephone or Internet?

A: Connecting through the phone or Internet is NOT necessary unless your home is more than a 1/2 mile from the road and you have run out of broadcast hours or want to hear a more current broadcast. This is because Viral Transceivers continue their work while your car is parked. The amount of energy needed to keep them running while the car is parked is so small that they continue to update 24/7. Every time a neighbor with a Viral Transceiver parks his car the latest updates are brought into your neighborhood and the broadcast data starts hopping car to car and house to house. In addition, some of your neighbors will have direct connections for their Viral Transceivers so that they will be passing along the very latest updates in the same method. Let’s not forget the principle of the Viral Transceiver. As a Viral Transceiver receives information it is also passing it along. This happens almost instantaneously. There may be a delay of as much as a few seconds from the time a Viral Transceiver sends its broadcast and a Viral Transceiver thirty units away receives its broadcast. But don’t forget, Viral Transceivers save their broadcasts like fuel. There is always something in the tank. The Viral Transceiver is simply refueled with broadcast minutes every time another Viral Transceiver that has more “fuel” is close enough to pass on the data. The broadcast is continuous and undistinguishable from a the regular radio station broadcast.

Q: Is there any way that I will be able to update my Viral Transceiver with a telephone?

A: Yes. Just plug the universal connection cord from your Viral Transceiver into the headset jack for your cell phone or into your telephone wall jack. The local number for your Viral Radio Network feed will automatically be dialed and within minutes you’ll have hours of programming. There is a nominal fee charged for direct feeds so it makes more sense to simply allow your Viral Transceiver to be updated automatically. Since Viral Transceiver load stations will be every few miles and the feed only takes a few minutes to jump a few miles, why not wait and enjoy free radio the way you have always enjoyed it?

Q: Doesn’t the FCC control all the air waves?

A: Yes. The FCC controls ALL airwaves so at such time as the FCC bans Viral Transceivers it will be up to each owner of a Viral Transceiver as to whether they will submit to the tyranny of our Senators and Congressmen and forfeit their Viral Transceiver. But if they forfeit their Viral Transceivers they may as well forfeit their guns and their Bibles as well.

Q: So could the FCC shut down the Viral Radio Networks by banning Viral Transceivers?

A: The question is not so simple. A Viral Transceiver minus the built in Wi-Fi can operate just as well with an external Wi-Fi that can fit under the seat of any vehicle. In addition, Talk Show Hosts do not need to remain within the United States since the original feeds enter the Viral Radio Networks through data and telephone lines.

Q: Well what if the FCC simply bans ALL Wi-Fis?

A: Then the United States would be the laughing stock of the world. Wi-Fis are a multi-BILLION dollar business. The future of computer networking is entirely wireless. If our pompous Senators and Congressmen want to ban Wi-Fis just to shut down freedom of speech while the whole world watches in disbelief then so be it. Those who love their country will know the next step to take.

Q: Couldn’t the government just outlaw advertising on Viral Radio Networks?

A: Tyrannical Senators and Congressmen can do whatever they want if we let them. The point is to vote them out and vote in people who stand up for freedom.

Q: Won’t God have the final say in all of this?

A: Of course. God has His plans and will determine what happens in the end times but while we’re waiting for God’s plans to unfold we must do what is right. Fighting tyranny is always right and it is especially right when we can do it through a path of little resistance. Viral Transceivers will be nearly impossible for the government to limit given the advances in technology that make Wi-Fi transmissions vital to commerce. In addition, Viral Transceivers can serve an important role in evangelism with their border hopping characteristics.

Q: Isn’t there an easier way to deal with the Fairness Doctrine?

A: Yes. Television does not fall under the censorship of the Fairness Doctrine. Talk Radio can simply broadcast on the UHF or Digital (DTV) bandwidth with funny political cartoons going on while the host talks unseen. This would require more transmitters but would cover about 95 percent of the country without any problem. There are cheap adapters to make car radios receive TV audio and both UHF and DTV reception is better in office buildings than radio so the number of listeners might actually increase. The reason that congress does not wish to place TV under the censorship of the Fairness Doctrine is that ninety nine percent of the shows on TV are liberal and the producers of those shows would be forced to introduce conservative ideas to offset their liberal bias.

Q: What are some other benefits and uses for Viral Transceivers?

A: Viral Transceivers can be used in office buildings where AM reception is poor. Emergency Viral Transceivers with voice recorders can be placed every half mile on remote highways.

The Fairness Doctrine is coming! The Fairness Doctrine is coming! Paul Revere RadioTM to the rescue!

Just a note on the so called imbalance between conservative talk radio and liberal talk radio:
When you factor in NPR, America’s government sponsored leftist radio program, there is no imbalance. In fact, NPR is the sole reason that the liberal Air America Network cannot survive. A Liberal talk radio network with commercials can’t be expected to compete against commercial free government sponsored radio. Furthermore, how can anyone compete if they don’t even know their competition. Air America’s competition was never conservative talk radio. Air America’s competition was the government sponsored NPR. In addition to leftist venues such as NPR, the liberals have the entire morning lineup of nearly every music station in America. The first few hours of the day on most of these stations is dedicated to lewd chatter between the hosts who even solicit their listeners to call in with their latest tale of fornication. These morning show hosts are liberal to their core; anti-marriage, pro-fornication and pro-abortion.

Misspellings: tranceiver tranceivers virile virol

Note: Viral Transceivers are the invention of Pastor Don Milton. Free Speech is vital in order to spread God’s word and America NEEDS God’s Word now more than ever. We need not fear government censors as long as the Lord blesses us with ideas and technology for rendering the censors impotent. Let us pray that God’s Word and God’s Word only shall be the basis for all of our dealings both in and out of the government.


A man who is forbidden from divorcing his adulterous woman has been put lower than a slave.
Note: the Bible forbids a man who has raped a virgin from divorcing her. If you take the position that a man may not divorce his woman then you are taking the position that all men are rapists. See: Deuteronomy 22:28-29

— Pastor Don Milton, Christian Marriage Website Archives