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All material on Website Copyright 1997-2021 Don Milton – All Rights Reserved except for KJV Bible verses. Wherever context allows, we will not use the English title “wife” as it is not found in either the Hebrew or the Greek and brings to mind rights that a woman was never given by God and which destroy marriages. It will take time to go through all the articles to make these changes. In the Bible, when you read the word wife/wife’s/wives/wives’ the underlying word is simply female. Greek gyne and Hebrew ‘ishshah. Yes, the word “wife” was invented and has come to assign nonsensical privileges, even rights, not found in the Bible.

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The chart below can be deceiving. To get the actual percent of women’s devoutness compared with men’s devoutness you must divide the women’s percent by the men’s percent. As follows:

53/46 = 1.127

In other words, 13 percent more Christian women attend weekly versus men attending weekly. If you look at daily prayer, it’s even more startling.

61/51 = 1.196

In other words, 20 percent more Christian women pray daily than Christian men!

68/61 = 1.114

In other words, 11 percent more Christian women than Christian men consider religion important.

There is one thing they did not poll and that was Bible reading. I would like to know what percentage of women and men have read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation at least twice.

Among Christians, women are more religious than men on all measures; gender gaps among Muslims are less consistent


Success: To do well and right.

— Pastor Don Milton, Christian Marriage Website Archive