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All material on Website Copyright 1997-2021 Don Milton – All Rights Reserved except for KJV Bible verses. Wherever context allows, we will not use the English title “wife” as it is not found in either the Hebrew or the Greek and brings to mind rights that a woman was never given by God and which destroy marriages. It will take time to go through all the articles to make these changes. In the Bible, when you read the word wife/wife’s/wives/wives’ the underlying word is simply female. Greek gyne and Hebrew ‘ishshah. Yes, the word “wife” was invented and has come to assign nonsensical privileges, even rights, not found in the Bible.

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Who was the first woman after Eve’s disgrace to be given the HONOR of being mentioned in Scripture? and the second woman after Eve to be given that HONOR? and the third woman after Eve to be given that HONOR? Of whose family were these women members?

The answer is that they were the two wives of Lamech and one of his daughters. Lamech is the prophet who established the Castle Doctrine and the Stand Your Ground Doctrine of self defense. He prophesied that he [an innocent man] is worthy of seventy times seven times avenging since [guilty] Cain was worthy of seven times avenging. Lamech’s wife Adah was the grandmother of those who dwell in tents and raise livestock (shepherds) as well as those who play harp and organ (musicians) whose talent was passed down to King David and Lamech’s wife Zillah was the mother of the first teacher mentioned, Tubalcain, who taught how to produce brass and iron products, which would later be used for wheels, machines, and jewelry. Now women are rarely mentioned in the Bible but in the case of Lamech it is not only the two wives of Lamech who are showcased but one of his daughters as well, Naamah! Zillah’s daughter, Naamah is mentioned although nothing further is said about her. HOWEVER, there is a principle that is frequently found in the Bible and it is this; when something is mentioned three times it is affirming it as very important.

In the paragraph directly following the story of Lamech’s wives, the wife of Adam who bore Seth is not even mentioned! If it was Eve, her name was not mentioned. If she was one of Adam’s many daughters or even Naamah, the daughter of Lamech, nobody knows for the name of the one who bore Seth is simply not mentioned. Keep in mind that the birth of Seth comes 130 years after Adam was created so if you’re thinking that when it says, “And Adam knew his wife again” that it’s talking of Eve, there is a only a minuscule chance that you’re right.

Genesis 4:19-22 And Lamech took unto him two wives: the name of the one [was] Adah, and the name of the other Zillah. And Adah bare Jabal: he was the father of such as dwell in tents, and [of such as have] cattle. And his brother’s name [was] Jubal: he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ. And Zillah, she also bare Tubalcain, an instructer of every artificer in brass and iron: and the sister of Tubalcain [was] Naamah.

Genesis 4:24-25 If Cain shall be avenged seven times, truly Lamech seventy times seven. And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, [said she], hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.

Today’s Christians often slander Lamech, claiming he was a murderer. God will avenge them 70 times 7 times. I would not like to be them. I said Lamech is a prophet because he gave the first part of the answer that Jesus later gave about forgiveness. You must forgive 70 times 7 times so that you don’t accidentally slander because in that case you will be avenged by God 70 times 7 time. Ask your Lamech hating Christian friends whether they’ve ever heard of the Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground Doctrine of even borders or property rights since Lamech being mentioned in a chain of inheritance from the first earthly ruler, Adam, was a ruler himself with the rights of a ruler to enforce borders as well as property rights.


“The Gospel hath neither recalled nor forbid what was permitted in the law of Moses with respect to marriage.”

— Martin Luther, Philip Melancthon, Martin Bucer, Antony Corvin, Adam, John Leningue, Justus Wintferte, and Denis Melanther., From the translation of a notorized letter dated 1539 approving of the polygamous marriage of Philip, Landgrave of Hesse, and signed by the above.