As Ordained by God in the Garden of Eden

Proverbs 5:18 Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice from the wife of thy youth.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we have been misled. The preposition that occurs before “the wife” in the above sentence is NOT “with”! It is as I have written above, “from” as in the sentence “He ate the entire menu from steak to string beans.” To put it another way, “He ate the entire menu starting with the steak all the way to the string beans.”

In other words, it means “starting with” so that a better translation in modern English would be:
“Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice starting with the wife of thy youth.”
Keep in mind that Solomon had just been warning in verses 3-17 against going with whores and now he is contrasting that a man must instead rejoice, i.e., take pleasure in, his wives, starting with the wife of his youth, i.e., his first wife. There is absolutely no emphasis in the original verse on any exclusivity to a first wife because the word “with” does not even occur in the Hebrew. The word is  “from” as in, “starting with.” I discovered this in my Anderson Forbes Phrase Marker Analysis of the Hebrew Bible. Do not be fooled. One wife and one wife only is NEVER taught in the Bible.

It’s impossible not to SEE the implication in the sentence when it is properly translated. “rejoice starting with the wife of thy youth….” till the wife you take when you’re an old guy. It also has an inference, that you must indeed rejoice with your first wife! Starting with your first wife!


Custom is a costume and when we’re unaware that we’ve put it on, it puts us on.

— Pastor Don Milton, Christian Marriage Archive