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First Published on
On Saturday, July 07, 2007 5:28 PM
By Pastor Don Milton
The following contains minor editing.

Evangelical Christian men by the thousands are investigating the validity of polygamy every day. Why has there been no news coverage of this? Could it be that the press is only concerned with scandals and these wannabe husbands and wannabe women under authority & nurture are actually interested in pursuing their interests within the context of polygamy? Could it be that these Methodists, Baptists, and Pentecostals break the template of the anti-polygamy hate groups?

It is apparent from the visits to this and other websites teaching about polygamy that the search by Evangelical Christians for sites promoting polygamy is not futile. In fact, the number of Evangelical Christian websites teaching polygamy has grown from only five in 1995 to hundreds today. Many of these sites, especially that cover a broader range of topics on  polygamy have readers that are moderately accepting to zealously enthusiastic about taking more woman under their authority and nurture.

What does your church teach on divorce and remarriage? Do they teach it from the Bible? If they don’t teach from the Bible then some of the men in your congregation are likely looking up the topic of Biblical relationships, and polygamy, and finding something they didn’t expect; andromony as practiced as polygamy by Evangelical Christians including actual men who have more than one woman under their authority and nurture.

Consider this, Charles Wesley, the famous 18th century hymn writer, had a brother-in-law who was a polygamist by the name of Westley Hall. After he had married Martha Wesley, he took other women under his authority. Martha even nursed one of the babies of the other women. Westley Hall was not excommunicated, in fact, he continued preaching and in fact wrote much of what George Whitefield preached during the great awakening in the United States and England.

Another strangely forgotten fact of history is that the man most responsible for hymn singing in our churches today, the Reverend Martin Madan, who published the first widely used hymnal that included tunes, also wrote a book promoting polygamy. He was the godfather to Charles Wesley’s son Samuel who took a second woman under his authority while the first woman under his authority was still living in the same household with him. His son, Samuel Sebastian Wesley became the most famous church organist of the 19th century and was even offered knighthood.

I encourage anyone who is truly interested in whether polygamy is indeed Christian, investigate and find out for yourselves what the Bible says about it, and particularly andromony, the relationship with the man rules the woman that God established in the Garden of Eden.


Those who give from the heart are satisfied with the Lord’s silent approval while the stingy want loud praise for empty words.

— Pastor Don Milton, Christian Marriage Website Archives